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The TFT - A Small Dog With A Big Heart!!
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The Toy Fox Terrier Club of Canada was established in 2001 to do all in its power to preserve the written breed standard as well as protect and advance the interests of the breed. Thanks to the efforts of TFTCC Club Members and also the “Most Wanted” campaign, the Toy Fox Terrier breed was recognized in Canada in 2006.

Toy Fox Terrier Enthusiasts soon entered their dogs in the show ring and the first Canadian Champion was breeder /owner handled.....


CH Envoy Minnie Gizmo von Baron.  



On January 25, 2010 the Toy Fox Terrier Club of Canada was accredited as a Specialty Breed Club by the CKC. 



Let us introduce you to the Toy Fox Terrier!

In the early 1900's Smooth Fox Terrier fanciers began selectively breeding for the smaller puppies occasionally produced by standard sized parent dogs. These diminutive smooth fox terriers were treasured for their feisty temperament and compactness. They were especially handy at ridding the household of vermin (rats or mice) and because of their size were welcome as an indoor pet. Throughout the Toy Fox Terrier's development, breeders were successful in maintaining the qualities they admired in the Smooth Fox Terrier, its stallion-like structure, short back, tight feet, predominantly white body, solid coloured elegant head and high tail-set while striving to develop a type that consistently produced TFT's within the 9 to 11 inch height preferred. Outcross to the Chihuahua stabilized size and introduced natural upright ears while outcross to the Manchester Terrier corrected the domed head, low ear set and longer Chihuahua back plus introduced a finer ear.  The Toy Fox Terrier's temperament became a melding of all three breeds, the Chihuahua’s unique ability to understand and interact with its owner, the Manchester Terrier’s keen terrier gameness and the Smooth Fox Terrier’s lively, active personality. They became a well-mannered dog with an innate sense of play and eagerness to please but retained their hunting instinct..

squirrelly.jpg TFT's treeing a squirrel

The Toy Fox Terrier is not a miniature version of the Smooth Fox Terrier but is now a breed unto itself. A true terrier in a toy body with a unique type reflecting its heritage. Well-balanced and animated this breed demands attention in and out of the show ring. Its willingness to please, intelligence and stamina also make it a great prospect for Obedience, Rally-O and Agility. The TFT’s eagerness to go to ground honors its Smooth Fox Terrier roots. 

TFTCC members continue to diligently work toward increasing this breed's profile in the show ring while promoting the breed as the fun, entertaining and healthy companion dog that it is renowned for. Please be sure to stop and meet our breed at a CKC event near you!